A good approach to build an electric scooter
January 03, 2017 at 12:40

Zhou Ying took the money to own a market around, but only willing to buy a piece of Zenggao eat. Suddenly there came a cry of murder! She was curious and ran to see what had happened. It turned out to be a beggar who was hit by a childe's carriage and cried for silver. Zhou Ying saw the old routine of money at one glance, but she said nothing but watched the childe with interest.

I saw the Su Yi son qiyuxuanang, the forehead is expensive -- it is known as the "crown of Jingyang" said Wu Jia Dong hospital son Wu hired. Although Wu Jia Dong hospital from the monopoly of military supplies, already in the local weiminghehe, Wu can hire still didn't mind losing good good. He saw this situation, although it is a hoax, but also can not help but pity, are hesitant to take money out. At this time, a scholar dressed people appeared, punctured the small beggar's tricks, but also help Wu hired relief. Wu Pinben would like to ask the student's name, that person is dashing away.

Zhou Ying in this moment has already thought of a new idea, she rushed to Wu hired in front, pretend to worry, busy shortage of tracing. In the face of a crying room to inquire about "brother" whereabouts of the woman, Wu did not take the slightest defense against the truth. Zhou Ying learned that the "brother" and out of people, is to "pay back the money out of jade". This move has won the trust of Wu hired, he learned from the mouth of the week home, the original father died, the family's little brother has been hungry for three days, "brother" is forced to come out to deceive people. Zhou Ying also said the home dry for two years, and brought out. Mother is very ill and can't see the doctor without money. Wu hired was poor, gave her money and said mingtie, can be difficult to help.

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My suggestions of sleep

January 03, 2017 at 07:25

In 1884, the carriage of the Qing Dynasty was slowly walking at the end of the road. This is an age of ignorance and change, and there is new hope in decay and decay. This year, Zhou Ying followed four weeks to make a living in the father. She has got used to it, fate has shown her, always cruel and warm picture. Had fought in dire straits, makes the girl out of the ordinary the shrewdness and rebellious character.

One day, the father and daughter began to make a living in Jingyang town entertainer. Zhou old four in Zhou Ying's cooperation, the performance of their own not afraid of broadsword cutting "Kung Fu", but there is a fierce outside the big man loudly questioned, this is bragging. Zhou Ying retorted that he had exhausted his strength, and the big man said, "let me cut it, two knives.". The crowd saw four weeks not crashed, feel disappointed to. Week old four but throw the knife to that big fellow, ask him really to chop. The man tried, waving a sharp sword Kanxiang four weeks abdomen. Zhou Ying saw dad collapsed, rushed up. People see her poor, give some money.

Man left, but see the fourth week opened his eyes, no hurt. There was no tears in Zhou Ying's face, either. The wonderful trick was unexpected and everyone cheered in unison. In the twinkling of an eye, in a humble corner, but see Zhou father and the big fellow began to penny. It turned out that they had been playing with each other.

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