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Parent-child training: how to get along well with classmates?
October 06, 2019 at 11:15

Recalling the student period, especially in the middle school, it was easy to get along with the classmates who learnt well. Students who did not like learning and do did study well, I also respect them very much. They just didn't like learning, so they were very moved to me. Even troublemakers also respected me. I inadvertently entered the situation of "black-and-white eating". We should respect for any student. In the same way to society, we should repair ourselves and respect everyone.

Mr. Liu said, "There are no good and bad people in the world, only those who are good to us and bad to us."

People who like us have more contacts; people who don't like us, because fate has not arrived, keep at a respectful distance. Interpersonal relationships, like porcupine theory, people has to be a bit sharp in life (to prevent external invasion), but they get along well with each other. Changing your life and improving your interpersonal relationship should focus on creativity and learning.

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People who understand you are real friends
November 14, 2018 at 08:55

People who understand you and fight for you are real friends. Those who are waiting to see the excitement, waiting to see you fall, afraid that you are happy and better than him, are not friends. The more a person grow up, the less he really feels. Friends are not to care about everything, including privacy, but is that I am here waiting for you.

There are only a few real friends, and there is another reason. It is especially clearly said in Conversation with God, because people begrudge that you find happy, so they will use various methods to make you as unhappy as him (to be as boring as him). This is the nature of human. Most people are always following others blindly, and they have learned a lot of bad ideas from society. Sometimes, a sneer will break the friendship.

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Is it safe for university campus to open to tourists?
September 03, 2018 at 20:02

University is students’ fight goal, entering the university means the promising future for students. In most university campus, the scenery is very beautiful, some campus are even the hot tourist sites. Like Cambridge and Oxford, many people go there to have a look at the beautiful sites. Campus seem to be the open to tourist sites, I think it is not good to be open.

On the one hand, when tourists come, there will be a lot of rubbish. We always hear about the news that in the tourist sites, many rubbish are left, which makes the sites polluted. University campus are the places for students to study, the places should be clean and quiet.

On the other hand, when campus is open to the tourists, it means anyone can go into the school, it will be not safe to students. Some bad people will pretend to be the tourists and go into the campus to steal things. Some students will fight against the bad guys and will get hurt. Opening the campus gives the bad guys the chance to make crime.

University campus should be clean and quiet for students to learn knowledge. Students also need a safe environment. So it is not good to open the university for tourists.

The two families did not give each other. Although Shen Xing moved to admire Zhou Ying’s business mind, he still didn’t want to be embarrassed. He left with anger and decided to take another countermeasure.
That year, the flower of the full moon, the 28th episode of the stills, Shen Xing moved over to find Zhou Ying to buy cotton, Zhou Ying out of high prices

The child boss is famous for coming to do business with Zhou Ying. But this big customer used to be Wu Weiwen personally entertained. If he doesn't come up with some ostentation, he can't win the letter. Therefore, Wang Shijun reminded Zhou Ying that he should make some preparations early.

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Parents are the best teachers to teach children
September 01, 2018 at 17:48

For most parents, when they send their children to school, they think that it is the teachers’ responsibility to educate their children. So when the children make mistakes, they blame on the school. In fact, parents are the children’s best teachers, they also have the responsibility to educate the children.

The children live with the parents, they spend so much time at home, so the parents’ saying and behaviors will affect them deeply. Children will treat their parents as the examples and learn from them. So the parents must pay attention to themselves, cause if they do the wrong thing, the children will learn it.

For a child, he believes his parents so much. When he finds out that there is contradiction between the teacher and his parents, he will ask the parents’ opinion. Finally he will follow what the parents tell him. Most parents ignore their effect on the kids and forget about their responsibility as the teachers.

There is no doubt that parents are the children’s best teachers. They play the important role in educating the children.

This is in line with Zhou Ying's mind, it can be said that he has been waiting for him for a long time. The previous plan was to put all the cotton in Guanzhong in his own hands and then sell it at a high price.

Seeing that Shen Xing has moved, Zhou Ying took the opportunity to propose that all cotton should be 120 yuan per catty. The price of this lion's big opening is twice the price of last year. Shen Xing was quite angry when she heard that she didn't cut the price and turned to find other cotton. As a result, the cotton in the Guanzhong is really in the hands of Zhou Ying. He had no choice but to go back to find this woman. Unexpectedly, the mixed-race female devil still refused to cut prices.

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