Is it safe for university campus to open to tourists?

Matnue posted on September 03, 2018 at 20:02

University is students’ fight goal, entering the university means the promising future for students. In most university campus, the scenery is very beautiful, some campus are even the hot tourist sites. Like Cambridge and Oxford, many people go there to have a look at the beautiful sites. Campus seem to be the open to tourist sites, I think it is not good to be open.

On the one hand, when tourists come, there will be a lot of rubbish. We always hear about the news that in the tourist sites, many rubbish are left, which makes the sites polluted. University campus are the places for students to study, the places should be clean and quiet.

On the other hand, when campus is open to the tourists, it means anyone can go into the school, it will be not safe to students. Some bad people will pretend to be the tourists and go into the campus to steal things. Some students will fight against the bad guys and will get hurt. Opening the campus gives the bad guys the chance to make crime.

University campus should be clean and quiet for students to learn knowledge. Students also need a safe environment. So it is not good to open the university for tourists.

The two families did not give each other. Although Shen Xing moved to admire Zhou Ying’s business mind, he still didn’t want to be embarrassed. He left with anger and decided to take another countermeasure.
That year, the flower of the full moon, the 28th episode of the stills, Shen Xing moved over to find Zhou Ying to buy cotton, Zhou Ying out of high prices

The child boss is famous for coming to do business with Zhou Ying. But this big customer used to be Wu Weiwen personally entertained. If he doesn't come up with some ostentation, he can't win the letter. Therefore, Wang Shijun reminded Zhou Ying that he should make some preparations early.

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