Protect skin in summer

Matnue posted on July 09, 2017 at 09:29

The desire to look attractive is universal. For many girls, skin problem is the biggest headache. Especially in summer, girls’ skin is easily get bad, such as stain, dark, wrinkle and rough skin. How to deal with them? I have ways to solve those problems.

First of all, sun block is the most important thing to keep good skin in summer. The foundation to have good skin is to avoid it exposing sunshine directly. Thus, you have to have sunscreen on your face and other skin may get to sunshine directly before you go outdoor, and supplement a few hours’ later. If conditions permit, you’d better have a hat or an umbrella, which will give you second protection.

Secondly, when you are out, you had better try not to walk under the sun for too long if possible. This can help make the injury to the least. But if you have to shined by the sun, you don’t need to worry too much as you have done the first step before going out.

Last but not least, after you go back home at night, do not be lazy, you have to remove the makeup of your face with cleaning water and then put some after-sun repair products on your face and body. Do not forget mask for your face. Then have a good sleep, you will be as good as before.

A time passed, and Mrs. Wu pushed the door out to say that the LORD had allowed two people. That night, Zhou Ying and Wu hired neck touching, usher in a better night.

That bloom on a perfect circle (Wu Pin Zhou Ying right).

Xing Sheng moved back to the day sitting in a table, see the scene, can not suppress the feeling in the heart, just want to take the girl to get back to his side. He looked at the picture because many Mosuo already crumpled indenture, decided to take action.

Zhao Baishi hosted relief Wu and Xing Sheng hired active shift, and Xing Sheng took the opportunity to shift about things like Wu hired away. Then, two weeks to go. Although Xing Sheng moved overbearing, but Wu hired moderate and strong, like a mountain in the lobby guard his wife not to yield a step.

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