Countless beauties in Ukraine

Matnue posted on August 06, 2017 at 11:56

In China, since the policy of family plan carried out, our large growth of population has slowed down. According to the research, China will have 30million bachelors, which means boys will have great pressure to find a wife. While in Ukraine, the situation is opposite, the number of girls surpasses boys. People play a joke that Chinese boys can go to Ukraine to seek for the chance.

Many years ago, some pictures showing that Chinese boys married Ukraine girls were very popular on the Internet. The boys were homely looking while the girls were so pretty. People started to pay a lot of attention on this country. Indeed, there were so many pretty girls and the proportion of gender loses balance. As a result, many girls can’t find boyfriends.

Now Ukraine government has announced that Chinese tourists can make their visas as they come to this land. It is good news for both countries. Chinese people can have a look at the beautiful scenery and Ukraine can promote their economic development. By the way, maybe there will be more couples between the two countries.

Mr. Zhang found Du Mingli and told him that the preparations for the military need were all right. And Du Mingli's side, the witness and the testimony have been prepared. The two people know that after a period of time, the thunderstorm was added to the Wu Jiadong yard.

Sure enough, the shopkeeper was quickly escorted to Hu Beijing, Gu Yue also was Chaogu medicine. Hu Yongmei face the day down Henghuo, can only think of ways, just knelt down and begged to visit Wu Yuwen, said that as long as the father to come back, she is willing to do anything.

Wu Yuwen from the quotient of ten years, although it has experienced many strong wind and big waves this series of things, can be a very unusual. He savored the front and back things carefully, and he was keen to find that it was all on his own home, without any leeway.

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